Pain Free After 13 Years

I have been going to Team Lopez for 6 months and for the first time in 13 years I am pain free in my back. Dr. Lopez and his team have been amazing in my treatment and it has been a pleasure going for my appointment. I'm always made very welcome and the office and the atmosphere is very relaxing.

Roxy, the office manager is very organized and provides great customer service to all of Dr. Lopez's patients.

My treatment has always been explained in full and what the next step will be. I have been given exercises to do at home which has helped me get better. It was such a pleasant surprise to find that now that I am pain free I can finally sleep at night and not wake up feeling like my back is broken. I now realize how miserable I really was for years just putting up with the constant back pain.

I had shoulder surgery 3 years ago and was left with a "crunchy" shoulder which gave me pain and I could not lie on it at night. With some fine tuning and adjustments my shoulder is even better than before I injured it!

I personally recommend Team Lopez to anyone who has been living with pain, please don't put it off and suffer. Go to Team Lopez and get the best possible treatment. You'll wish you had done it sooner.

Dr. Frank Lopez's wife is also a Chiropractor. She specializes in children. They all look forward to being adjusted and leave very happy. She is currently helping my daughter with back issues and the results are truly amazing!

Thank you so much for all you do and continue to do for people. I cannot express my gratitude enough.
—Kindest Regards , Sarah R.

Soccer Player's Steady Improvement with Hip Pain

I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate all that you have been able to do for me and to let others know of this as well. I am fifteen and have been playing soccer since I was four years old. Early in the spring season this year I started to have severe hip pain. Despite everything form intensive physical therapy to expensive orthotic inserts, I never received any relief. Eventually I had to miss a tournament due to the pain and began to doubt whether I would be able to play soccer anytime soon and what this would mean for me in the long run. That was before I met you. Ever since that day I have steadily improved and feel that I am in a much better place physically than I was even before my hip pains started. Besides the adjustments, you have taught me how to stretch my hip to help prevent further injury. I am excited about advancing my soccer and am grateful for the relief and hope you have given me through chiropractic care. Thank you so much for all that you have done for me.
—Warmest Regards , Evan A.

Dancer Finds Relief with Team Lopez Chiropractic

I’m thirteen and I’ve been dancing for almost ten years. I thought I was taking good care of my body and was not injured, even though I dance 14 hours or more a week. In November 2007, I was experiencing pain the arch of my right foot. I went to my orthopedist and he said I had plantar fascitis. I took it easy for a month or so and soon I was dancing full speed again. But, very soon after I came back, I sprained my right ankle on Pointe. I went through a lot of physical therapy and I was soon dancing again. Only two weeks after returning to dance again, I fractured my right foot during a dance competition. I was in a boot and on crutches, and then I went back on physical therapy. My foot never felt completely healed though the pain was less I went back to dancing. My mom thought if I kept doing the same thing I would get hurt again. She took me to Team Lopez Chiropractic and I immediately felt stronger, more stable, and the pain quickly went away. Thanks to Team Lopez Chiropractic’s care I am dancing once again and very confident that I am doing what I can to protect myself from injury. I have learned so much from TLC. Out of everything I had tried, Team Lopez Chiropractic was the one and only thing that has made a difference. I recommend Team Lopez Chiropractic to everyone because I know and trust that they will make a difference in their lives as well. Thanks so much for taking care of me!
—Love, Jesse A.

8-Years Old and No More Headaches

Hi! This is Madison. I’m 8 years old. I used to have headaches all the time. Mrs. Nasly (Dr. Nasly) helped me and now I don’t have headaches anymore.

Family Experiences Care and Sensitivity

I would like to thank Dr’s Frank and Nasly Lopez for the personalized service provided to my whole family including my wife, my son and myself. My back has been bothering for a long time and my search for relief is over. My son was complaining about his shoulder and my wife was complaining about her back……….My son does not like to go to the Doctor’s office, yet he loves going to Dr. Lopez’s office and it’s not just because of all the toys. My son David loves the treatment that he receives and that care and sensitivity that all Doctors should give. Dr. Lopez plays with David and gets him to relax and calm down because my son is otherwise very nervous. My son always asks for Dr. Lopez. For once, it’s nice to find a Doctor who cares. Thank you, thank you.
—Jerome R.

Parents Trust Team Lopez Chiropractic

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the wonderful service that you provide. While your treatments have made me feel better, what really stand out is how warm and welcoming you and your staff are. I have been to other chiropractors whose offices were cold and impersonal. You and Roxy create a very comforting environment where anyone, no matter their fear of trying chiropractic for the first time, could relax. No wonder so many parents trust you with their children! Thank you again for taking such good care of me.
—Sincerely, Karen C.

Team Lopez Chiropractic Truly Cares

I just wanted to thank you for your continued generosity. I didn’t think I would be able to continue my treatment with you, and it’s not often that people go out of their way for someone the way you have. It’s nice to know that you truly care about the health of your patients. It’s also nice to be able to run, bike and golf again, as well as just simply sit and enjoy a night out with my friends without being in pain! The treatments have helped me tremendously, and I am very grateful for your care. Thank You!!!!
—Sincerely, Katherine R.

Health Professionals Recommend Team Lopez

I am writing to thank Team Lopez Chiropractic for the treatment that they have provided both me as an individual and to our clients. Having a network of health professionals to refer our clients to is something that we take very seriously. Both Dr. Frank and Dr. Nasly have been wonderful resources for us. Clients that we send to Team Lopez Chiropractic rave about the service and care they receive.

Both myself and my husband have seen tremendous results during our time as patients at Team Lopez Chiropractic. As a massage therapist, it is vital that I keep my body as my most important tool. Team Lopez has assisted me in doing just that. Prior to seeing Dr. Frank I had continuous issues with my left shoulder that would hamper my work. I am now to the point with Dr. Frank’s care that I can feel an issue coming on and be treated for it before I get to a point where I am in pain.

From assistance with inner ear issues to maintenance for our clients who train for marathons, Dr.’s Frank and Nasly Lopez are vital to our client’s health. I highly recommend Team Lopez Chiropractic for any issues that arise as well as for long term maintenance. Thank you for the continued care you give and the exceptional customer service you provide.
—Thank you, Emily T.

More Than Doctors... Genuinely Kind People

In life we meet people who are warm, kind and giving. It isn’t as often as we might like, but, when we do, they make a huge impact on our lives

When I came to your office for treatment about a month ago, I was in extreme pain. As you recall, I had hurt my back moving some furniture. You and your staff were so kind and made me feel comfortable, even in my pain. I have never been to a doctor that actually took the time to ask me in depth questions and also answer all of the questions that I had. The process was extremely thorough, and after the first adjustment, I no longer had to take pain relievers. While I was there for the issue with my back, you asked questions about my overall pain and found that I hade foot problems as well. I have only had my feet adjusted twice and I no longer have the intense pain when I get out of bed.

Not only are you are wonderful chiropractor, but, you are a an amazing person! You exude characteristics that we should all strive toward. It is so refreshing to meet a genuinely kind person. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I look forward to referring your team to everyone I know. Thank you for your excellent service!
—Sincerely, Bethany B.

Earned Trust and Time Well Spent

I would like to take a moment to tell you a bit about our chiropractor, Dr. Nasly Lopez. My husband, our 23 month old son, and I have been under her care for about a year now and have had better results under her care than any other chiropractor. Dr. Lopez is extremely sincere and caring. Our soon Carlyle had a traumatic experience with doctors in hospital and afterward was determined to not allow anyone in a doctor’s capacity near him. The chiropractor caring for him at the time was not very understanding or patient with his situation, and at times we felt she increased his fear of healthcare and doctors. We were introduced to Dr. Lopez very soon after, and she immediately took to Carlyle, took her time to earn his trust, and did whatever else it took to relax him so that he was able to be comfortable seeing her and being under her care. He now looks forward to her adjustments and the time she takes with him to talk and get to know him each time he is with her. Our family is truly blessed to be united with such a magnetic and talented doctor.
—Sincerely, Anna N.

Massage Therapist Finds Relief During Pregnancy

I have been seeing Dr. Lopez during my last trimester of pregnancy. Her work has opened my pelvis area and kept it open releasing the sciatic nerve pressure. By going to her it has helped me be able to continue working as a massage therapist and not get too “bent out of shape”. Dr. Lopez is very gentle and very informative. I would recommend her to all women especially going through pregnancy.
—Sincerely, Heather L.

Reduced Pain and Improved Range of Motion

I am writing this letter to let you know how much I appreciate the results we have achieved with my shoulder. I have been experiencing pain and limited range of motion for several months. After listening to both Dr’s Nasly and Frank describe their services, in particular working with athletic injuries I decided to see how Team Lopez could help me with my shoulder.

I had been with my Chiropractor for 12 years and was hesitant to switch. After meeting with Dr. Frank he never put any pressure on me to switch and was very professional in handling the situation. This was a factor in my decision to switch.

The results have been immediate with a significant reduction in the pain in my shoulder along with improved range of motion. Additionally, Dr. Frank has adjusted my back which has also proven to be beneficial to my health.

I highly recommend Team Lopez. They have a great team and can help everyone to improve their health. Their services include not only working with athletes, but, children and with women suffering with back pain due to pregnancy.
—Sincerely, Pete K.

Chronic Back Pain Sufferer Finds Relief

At age 17, I was diagnosed with mild scoliosis. There was no treatment prescribed at that time, and until my mid-thirties, I never experienced any back pain or discomfort.

About three years ago, I began to feel numbness down my right leg, and an aggravating ache in my right hip. My lower back became stiff, and bending over became painful. Friends recommended I see a chiropractor, but my skepticism of what I considered to be "non-traditional" medicine steered me toward an orthopedist. The orthopedist quickly diagnosed my condition as compression of the facet joints in my spine; a common problem associated with aging scoliosis patients....The continued pain led me to a neurologist and an MRI, but still left me with no answers. At this point, frustrated and hurting, I resigned myself to... chronic back pain.

After three months of treatment, I feel like a different person! Dr. Lopez determined that my neck was contributing to my back problems, and started me on three-month, intensive treatment program that incorporated both the neck and the spine. The pain and numbness are under control, and I've now "graduated" to a weekly maintenance adjustment. I'm a huge fan of Dr. Nasly Lopez, impressed with her professionalism, patience and charisma, and I would recommend her services to everyone."
—Lisa Z.

Living A Pain-Free Life with Improved Mental Wellness

Thank you for all of your hard work and efforts to help me. I never understood the value of chiropractic until recently. Since meeting you and becoming a client my life has changed for the better. I always had chronic low back pain and tension headaches. Once I started my treatments my back pain and headaches disappeared. Before chiropractic I took 3 to 6 Advil daily to control my headaches. Now I am relatively Advil free.

In addition to having a pain free life I have also noticed changes in my mental well being. My outlook is much more positive and my eating habits are healthier. I began running again and now I can run up to 3 miles. I know that I wouldn't be able to do this without the help of chiropractic.

Lastly and most importantly, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) late last year. This is a syndrome that causes decreased fertility and increased sugar levels. My monthly cycles are rare due to PCOS. Since starting chiropractic care 2 months ago I was able to have my first natural period since diagnosed with PCOS. I know that there are many other factors that attribute to my increased physical well being, but I must admit I think that the care and knowledge you have imparted to me has been foremost in helping me overcome PCOS.

Thank you again for your ever positive attitude and caring hands.
—Sonia P.

Once A Skeptic, Now A Pain-Free Believer

Chiropractic has changed my life 100 percent. Five years ago I injured my back lifting a toolbox. For two years following my injury, I lived with extreme back pain. Finally I could not take it any longer, and submitted to back surgery. It took me almost a year to recover to the point where I could exercise again. Even after the surgery and recovery, I still lived with constant pain.

About six months ago, my back pain escalated back to an excruciating level. I could not sleep, work was unbearable, and the pain was so agonizing I had trouble just sitting in a chair. I had heard about chiropractic, but was always a skeptic. I decided however to give it a shot, and was referred to Dr. Lopez. I told Dr. Lopez on my first visit to her office the only reason I was there was to make my girlfriend happy, and that I know she could not help me — that I would live with this pain for the rest of my life.

It has been four months since I began treatment with Dr. Lopez, and I cannot thank her enough for not only taking away my pain, but also for restoring my body to the way it once was. To anyone who is in the pain that I was in six months ago, I will say: "Trust your chiropractor, do what he or she tells you, and someday you will be writing a statement just like this".
—Steven D.

Tri-athlete is More Flexible, Feels Younger & Continues to Compete in Triathlons

Chiropractic care has changed my life in many ways. I've been receiving care for over 10 years from several different doctors. When I left Arizona, my favorite doctor there knew me on a personal level and always wanted to know how I was doing in my everyday life. When I moved, I never thought that I would find another doctor with the same caring nature-until I met Dr. Lopez.

I lead a very active lifestyle that beats my body up on a daily basis. There's no way I would be able to play softball and compete in triathlons if it weren't for chiropractic care. My back used to bother me if I rode my bike too long, or sat for too long. I am now able to do whatever I want with minimal and often times no discomfort at all. I know some people believe that once you see a chiropractor you'll have to keep coming back. Well, your car needs to be aligned once or twice a year so why wouldn't you take the time and keep your body aligned as well. We take better care of our cars and homes that we do our own bodies.

All I know is this, the more I go the better I feel. I feel a lot younger and I'm more flexible now that I keep my treatment up. There's no telling how much pain I would be in if i neglected my back, which would lead to problems in other areas.

Dr. Lopez has been a blessing to me in more ways than one. She signifies the meaning of patient care. I believe she will continue to touch the lives of everyone she comes in contact with, and I know she can do the same for you. Good for you if you have given her the chance to change your life-pass it on.
—David S.


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