Tennis & Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic adjustments are very effective in managing tennis-related issues. Dr. Frank Lopez preforms a series of tests and examinations in order to determine the Team Lopez Chiropracticorigin of the problem. Once Dr. Lopez can determine where the problem is he will correct the misalignments by performing an adjustment, also know as a manipulation. He may adjust any or all parts of the arm, neck, or back based on his examination findings.

Can chiropractic treatments improve your tennis game? Chiropractic adjustments will put your body in the proper position to get the most from your natural athleticism and technique. Aches and pains don't have to be endured or treated with pain-killers. They can often be eliminated completely with chiropractic. Contact Dr. Lopez today for a free consultation.

Tennis And Chiropractic: Q & A


What exactly is Tennis Elbow and can chiropractic care help?


Tennis Elbow, as it is commonly referred to, in an inflammation of the tendons of one or several forearm muscles at the point where they are attached to a bony structure called the lateral epicondyle, which is located on the outside of the elbow joint. The medical term is lateral epicondylitis. Any activity that requires repetitive gripping of an object can give rise to this condition.

Tennis, however, tends to be one of the most common sports whose participants complain of this. Tennis Elbow can become persistent if there is a misalignment of the forearm and upper arm bones. Additionally, some cases can be attributed to a misalignment further up the arm or even in the neck. The spinal subluxations can put marked strain on the epicondyle, causing pain.

Dr. Lopez may also instruct you on how to care for your Tennis Elbow at home with stretches, exercises, cryotherapy, or any combination of these.


Tennis is a high impact sport, I am constantly giving my body a beating, can chiropractic care help expedite my recovery after an injury?


Absolutely! Dr. Lopez can provide adjustments that will, not only, help relive your pain, but also, help restore normal blood supply and nerve communication to the injured or damaged areas of the body.

A normal blood supply is very important to the healing process and chiropractic adjustments help remove pressure from the injured area of the body, thus allowing a healing supply of blood to flow in.


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