Athletes Trust Chiropractic Care

Team Lopez ChiropracticTop athletes all have one thing in common, they keep their body in the absolute best condition possible.

Part of performing at your fullest potential is having the proper equipment to do so. The structural integrity of the musculoskeletal system is central to athletic performance. Much like a machine, if a component of the body is not operating properly it can affect overall performance.

Professional athletes competing in all branches of professional sports enlist the advantages of chiropractic care to help ensure that every season will be their best. From Tiger Woods to Lance Armstrong, some of the most talented athletes of our time recognize and take advantage of the care that their chiropractors provide.

After recovering from cancer, Lance Armstrong blew the cycling world away when he pedaled across the finish line at the 2001 Tour de France in first place. The part of the story most don't know is that Dr. Jeff Spencer has been providing Armstrong with on-site chiropractic care since before his 1999 win in France. According to Dr. Spencer " My job with Lance and the team is to optimize the neuromusculoskeletal component of their training. . ."

Professional Athletes Believe in Chiropractic Care

A whole host of athletes tout the advantages of chiropractic care. In an article that appeared in the Toronto Star in April 2002, John Stockton NBA hall of famer reported " a good chiropractor" as a contributing factor to his continued success, adding that although he is not an expert "it's not just adjustments, its balancing muscles and over all health."

Tiger Woods has not only packed muscle onto his frame to give him an advantage in his highly competitive sport he also reports ". . . seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis has made me a better golfer." Pages could be filled with reports from athletes in every sport who seek and support chiropractic as a necessity in their professions, where having an edge can push one right over into the realm of greatness.

Team Lopez Chiropractic Care

Dr. Frank Lopez is well versed in the area of sports related adjustments to the extremities and how it relates to sports injuries. Even if you don't plan on going pro anytime soon chiropractic adjustments may help improve the level at which you can play by improving the level at which your body performs and functions.


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