Are You A Skeptic?

Team Lopez ChiropracticGood for you! Drs. Frank and Nasly Lopez are delighted to talk with individuals who have never considered chiropractic treatment before, and who have a hard time believing it can make a difference in the way they feel.

People who live with chronic pain or those whose only hope of relief through traditional medicine or surgery often find they can feel better and experience less pain with chiropractic adjustments.

Athletes - both professional and amateur - improve strength, flexibility and stamina with chiropractic treatments.

Mothers-to-be experience less discomfort and easier births when they are treated during their pregnancies.

Every initial consultation is free, so it costs nothing but a little bit of time to talk with the doctor and begin to understand how chiropractic works in general, and especially how it can work for you.


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Offering quality chiropractic care to children and adults. The Initial consultation is always at no charge.

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Team Lopez Chiropractic is located in the Southwest Orlando suburb of Winter Garden, FL, in Stoneybrook West Village.

15497 Stoneybrook West Parkway
Winter Garden, FL

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“I'm a huge fan of Dr. Nasly Lopez, impressed with her professionalism, patience and charisma, and I would recommend her services to everyone.”

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