What To Expect: Your First Visit

Roxy with Team Lopez ChiropracticYour first visit will consist of an initial consultation and physical exam. Orthopedic and neurological tests will be performed, as well as range of motion, sensation, and muscle-strength testing. X-rays may be taken, to identify potential pathologies or areas of dysfunction that may be contributing to the area of complaint.

Following the consultation and examination, relief treatment may be rendered the first day.

If your history or the examination reveals that this is not a chiropractic issue, Dr. Lopez will refer you out to the proper medical professional.

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How long does my first visit take?

The visit will take between 30 to 40 minutes. This includes any x-rays that may be necessary as well as a consultation and exam. To make it easier, a patient may download and complete the new patient forms found here. Bring the completed forms to the office on your first visit. If you prefer, fill-out the forms upon arrival.

What To Expect with Adjustments

There are a variety of responses to chiropractic treatment. Some patients feel immediate relief. Others may feel better for a little while, but the pain returns after a day or so. You may feel sore after your first adjustment. That soreness is similar to the soreness you would feel after working out for the first time. All of those responses are normal. It really depends on each individual, how long the problem has persisted, what you do for a living, what your stresses are in your life, etc.

find relief with Team Lopez Chiropractic9 out of 10 Patients Experience Positive Responses

You can expect that with compliance to your treatment plan, you will see an improvement in the way you move and feel. The odds are in your favor. 9 out of 10 patients have a positive response to chiropractic care.

Treatment Plans Include More Than Adjustments

Dr. Lopez feels strongly about the importance of stretching and strengthening in conjunction with your chiropractic treatments. If you are adjusted, but muscles remain weak or inflexible due to poor posture or injury, the greater the potential remains for the joints to move back into their dysfunctional position. You should expect your treatment plan to include certain stretches and exercises to help facilitate your recovery. Continuing with the exercises is a great way to prevent your condition from recurring.


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